Live All in Print China 2020 Complemented by New Online Platform

The largest trade fair for the printing sector, All in Print China 2020, will be held as scheduled from October 12 – 16 at SNIEC in Shanghai.

Since many international participants cannot visit the show personally due to COVID-19 restrictions, the organizers created a new online platform: All in Print Cloud. This platform will open on August 10 and will remain open until the end of the live exhibition as a value-added service for all participants.

All in Print Cloud aims to bring more business opportunities to companies by overcoming communication barriers and integrating online and offline services. It consists of two parts: Virtual Expo and Live Broadcast.

Visitors can look forward to these services on All in Print Cloud:

  • After registering for All in Print China 2020, visitors will receive their own registration ID. Though the Virtual Expo platform, they can get information about all the exhibitors and products they are interested in;
  • Starting on August 10, visitors can use the Live Broadcast platform to get more detailed information about the exhibitors’ services and products by watching their introduction videos;
  • Visitors can also communicate with exhibitors in real time on All in Print Cloud; and
  • After pre-registration, visitors can set up appointment with exhibitors during the live staging of All in Print China 2020.

Overall, All in Print Cloud integrates presentations, matchmaking and industry exchanges functions for the printing and packaging industry and provides exhibitors and professional buyers with video/live streaming promotions, supplier-buyer matchmaking, real-time communication and online inquiries.

On August 10, the organizers of All in Print China, local and international industry associations as well as company representatives, will participate in the opening ceremony of the All in Print Cloud in a live broadcast. They will provide a detailed introduction of this platform and share the show highlights and the latest industry trends.

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