TagG Informatique, a European Reference in Direct Marketing, Reconfirms Confidence in Xeikon

By reportedly investing in a new Xeikon 9800, TagG Informatique expresses yet again its confidence in Xeikon and reasserts that the technology of dry toner continues to have a unique place in the direct marketing industry. Xeikon has been a partner of TagG since the beginning of the millennium.

Both companies reportedly have innovation and development in their DNA. While TagG was working on the development of a specific controller to support unique features, Xeikon delivered a front-end that was able to cooperate with the controller. The combination delivered a unique solution to use IPDS workflows to print full colour digitally at the highest possible quality in 5 colours.

“The Xeikon press in particular is excellent at creating high-value print documents. It relies on dry toner technology and the way Xeikon has exploited that technology. The press can be used for any kind of job at TagG: it can print basic insurance statements just as easily as it can create important asset management overview, or the highest value direct mailing pieces. These possibilities represent an even higher value and are quite easy to achieve on our Xeikon presses,” said Hervé Lesseur, CEO of TagG Informatique.

“The Xeikon press not only produces top quality, it is also very flexible. It is the preferred choice for all jobs that are lower than 25,000 documents. It is compatible with the high-end finishing equipment TagG runs: roll-fed, 500 mm wide, ensuring the secure handling of documents carrying confidential information.” Lesseur added.

TagG has reportedly been using IPDS data stream that was originally developed to connect main frame computers to printers. Thanks to IPDS real time, on-the-fly printing of full variable data is possible. There is bi-directional communication between press and server which ensures tracking and tracing of every single document in real time. If something goes wrong at any point of the production chain, it is possible to intervene and correct.

An IPDS workflow also allows customers to monitor their jobs in real time via on online platform. Working with Xeikon as a partner and supplier has enabled TagG to build a native IPDS workflow that connects a controller developed by TagG to the digital press via the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end.

For more information, visit https://www.xeikon.com/en.

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