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Breaking the Recycling Barrier: Cortec Repulpable Moisture Barrier Paper Stands Apart in VCI Packaging Industry

When it comes to rust preventative packaging for metal parts, most VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) moisture barrier papers are waxed or coated with polyethylene (PE). This creates an environmental problem because the papers cannot be recycled through normal channels.  Cortec® Corporation has overcome this challenge with EcoShield® VpCI®-144 Paper, a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting moisture-barrier paper that can be fully repulped!

Cortec’s line of VpCI papers is reportedly noteworthy because of EcoShield VpCI-144 Paper. This recyclable corrosion inhibiting paper could provide an environmentally friendly alternative to polyethylene and wax paper, with comparable water vapor barrier properties. The paper is fully repulpable according to the Fibre Box Association Voluntary Standard and can be recycled into many types of paper products such as boxes, cardboard, and other corrugated materials.

EcoShield VpCI-144 Paper does not contain nitrites, phosphates, silicones, chromates, and other heavy metals. One product protects against corrosion for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, eliminating the need to stock several products for different metal types. It can be used to protect metal items for storage or shipment in a wide variety of ways:

  • Protective wrap for individual components;
  • End closures for shipping tubes;
  • Insert strips for recessed areas in large packages; and
  • Sheet liners or separators between products.

Manufacturers can use EcoShield VpCI-144 Paper to safely package new bearings for shipment, and the bearings can remain wrapped up and protected until they are needed for assembly. Other suggested applications include protection of metal coils, wire reels, plate, and bars or moisture-barrier/corrosion-inhibiting packaging of finished goods such as firearms and ammunition.

EcoShield VpCI-144 Paper contains 69 percent USDA certified biobased content and is a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program. In addition to its recyclability, this can make it an excellent choice for users who are simply trying to be more environmentally responsible, as well as for federal agencies or their contractors who must meet minimum biobased content standards when purchasing rust preventatives and other materials.

Metal parts wrapped in EcoShield VpCI-144 Paper are protected against rust by an invisible molecular corrosion inhibiting layer that forms on the surface of the metal as VpCI molecules in the paper vaporize, fill the enclosed space, and are attracted to the metal. No special cleaning of the VpCI layer is required because the protective layer will simply float away once the part is removed from the package, allowing immediate use.

For more information visit https://www.cortecvci.com.


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