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Non Woven Cutter Operates at Speeds of up to 300 Cuts per Minute

Converters of non-woven materials such as diapers, napkins incontinent pads and tissues, can reportedly improve cutting efficiency with a non-woven cutter from Maxson Automatic Machinery Company. Designed to operate at speeds up to 300 cuts per minute, the use of air at the cutter and the vacuum transfer roll allow the unit to handle lightweight and flimsy stock at higher operating speeds.

The unit is equipped with a stationary bed knife/rotary cutter and is capable of sheeting material from 0.001” – 0.125” (0.025 – 3.2 mm) thick. The sheet length can be infinitely varied from 9” – 36” (228 – 915 mm) lengths with sheet-to-sheet accuracy of +/- 0.015” (0.381 mm).

A compact unit, the non-woven cutter can act as a stand alone system or as a component fit within an existing line. A rugged steel frame and design mean that minimal maintenance is required.

For more information, visit https://maxsonautomatic.com.

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