Toppan's Diversity Efforts Recognized with Selection as Nadeshiko Brand Company

Toppan Printing (Toppan) announced it has been included in the FY2019 Nadeshiko Brands, an index selected by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange that recognizes companies’ efforts to encourage women’s success in the workplace.

The Nadeshiko Brand initiative aims to drive investment in companies and accelerate diversity-related activities in the business world by introducing listed companies demonstrating outstanding performance in the area of gender equality to investors focused on medium-to-long-term value enhancement. Toppan is one of 46 companies selected for inclusion this year from a total of 3,600 listed entities.

“Inclusion in Nadeshiko Brands is testament to Toppan’s commitment to providing active roles for diverse human resources,” said Shinichi Ohkubo, Toppan’s executive vice president and head of personnel and labor relations . “Our dedicated office for diversity promotion leads efforts that include programs to help employees fulfill both their work and childcare responsibilities, support those returning from parental leave, and create networks of employees bringing up children. We also create forums for all employees to discuss and learn about how people balance their jobs and families. The TOPPAN SDGs STATEMENT sets out targets to eliminate gender disparities and we will be further enhancing initiatives for a diverse workforce and flexible working culture.”


Diversity & Inclusion at Toppan

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