Creo, Komori, Adobe, Printcafe Collaborate for Networked Production

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA—Creo reports it's working among printing (graphic arts) industry leaders to deliver networked graphic production. According to the Canadian-based prepress provider, "Adobe Systems, Komori America Corp., and Printcafe Inc. are integral to this Creo initiative that provides a roadmap for smooth flow of data and information, a digital collaboration path for printers' customers, enhanced job control, and visibility into the entire print production process—from idea to delivery."

Creo says it launched the initiative with a vision of promoting an integrated production process. "[This is] a goal that cannot be achieved by a single vendor solution. Rather, it requires an open infrastructure of solutions that provide the next generation of automation: intelligent integration through open standards. By leveraging industry standards, such as Job Definition Format (JDF) and Portable Document Format (PDF), information can flow seamlessly and be transferred intelligently across various systems, from the creative desktop to the print shop floor," says Creo. "Using open standards leads to great benefits for both the print buyer and the printer, by enabling enchanced job control, automation, and visibility for all. Integrated systems allow free data flow so users can access, analyze, and retain real-time job and business data at any stage in the process, and turn it into useful information to make informed, intelligent decisions," adds the mfr.

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