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Innovia and Wildcorn Develop a Fully Recyclable and Sustainable Pack

Wildcorn’s turmeric and lemon organic popcorn packs are now fully recyclable and sustainable thanks to Innovia’s Propafilm™ Strata film.

Innovia Films and the German snack manufacturer, Wildcorn have worked together to produce a fully recyclable and sustainable pack for their Wildcorn organic popcorn range.

Wildcorn founded 2016 in Berlin, produces a range of 100 percent organic, healthy and flavorful snacks, including dry roasted popcorn as a healthy alternative to crisps.  In 2017 the company launched its first sustainability program in partnership with Mellifera (the German head organisation for bee protection) to offset its use of agricultural resources by planting flower strips to rebuild/maintain ecosystems.

The joint project to establish a new sustainable packaging standard began soon after the launch of Innovia’s Propafilm™ Strata high barrier film which quickly achieved the “Made for Recycling” logo from Interseroh, an Independent German recycling and consulting company.

“This certification proves the recyclability of our new Strata BOPP film, said Alasdair McEwen, global product manager packaging, Innovia Films. “It has been designed to be a standalone mono filmic solution or, to be used in laminate constructions to be ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries which have the infrastructure to recycle polypropylene.”

“Our products are wholesome natural organic snacks, providing a heathier alternative to consumers,” said Tobias Enge, founder of Wildcorn. “But as a consumer goods company we are responsible to look at the complete ecological impact of our product and packaging waste is one of the key challenges of our generation. Today’s emphasis on a ‘circular economy’ is very prominent so we decided to find a structure for our packaging that is fully recyclable while providing premium product protection. Ensuring that our consumers still experience the same high quality and taste they have come to expect ”

To make the Wildcorn pack, a lamination of Propafilm Strata and a white cavitated OPP was used.  This construction was also tested by Interseroh and they confirmed that it was fully recyclable, awarding the pack the “Made for Recycling” certification.

Propafilm Strata provides an effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels ensuring increased shelf life and reduced food waste. It is glossy, is food contact compliant and chlorine free.  The film is suitable for use in a range of markets, is printable and offers a wide seal and hot tack range.

“Moving forwards, we plan to move all our products to the new sustainable format and continue the development of a sustainable packaging,” said Enge.

For more information, visit www.innoviafilms.com.

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