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Neenah Packaging Introduces New Hemp Fiber Papers into its Expanded Premium Folding Board Portfolio

Neenah Packaging meets market demands and addresses market trends with the introduction of new hemp fiber papers, a new color and new finishes into its recently expanded line of Neenah Folding Board papers.

“Neenah continues to invest in the packaging market, striving to build a portfolio of premium folding carton papers that will meet all the needs of our customers. Neenah offers a range of stocked options, custom capabilities, and PCW content ranging from 30 percent to 100 percent, all of which are FSC Certified. These premium packaging papers are engineered to provide best in class printing results while allowing our customers to design as sustainably as possible while not forgoing luxury,” said Michelle Turner, brand manager, Neenah.

New Hemp Board
According to a 2019 Industry Research study, the global CBD (Cannabidiol) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 32 percent over the next five years.

“We’re addressing this market head-on by supporting the designers of Cannabis and CBD brands with hemp-infused packaging papers that align with the visions and values of these products,” said Turner.

These new Hemp Board papers are available in a Vellum finish, in three of Neenah Folding Board’s most popular shades:

  • New PC White Hemp: The hemp fibers are highly visible in this bright white, 80 percent PCW sheet, for brands that want to clearly identify the use of hemp papers in their package design.
  • New Desert Storm Hemp: A more earthy and subtle showing of fibers add visual texture to this popular 30 percent PCW shade.
  • New Deep Black Hemp: This rich, dyed-through, 30 percent PCW board is perfect for brands that want to use hemp papers without seeing the fibers.

New Neenah Folding Board Swatchbook

These new items, along with Neenah’s complete portfolio of Folding Board papers can be found in the new Neenah Folding Board swatchbook.

“The swatchbook is designed to be a reference book for the stocked shades, textures and weights Neenah offers. However, this book is just a jumping-off point to help designers think about the possibilities. Neenah’s custom capabilities can help customers create unique, one-of-a-kind packaging papers. Neenah offers solutions to help our customers take their ideas, and the visions of their customers, wherever they may lead,” said Turner.

For more information, visit www.neenahpackaging.com.

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