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Vetaphone Moves Beyond Industry 4.0

Vetaphone has taken Industry 4.0 to a new level according to company CEO, Frank Eisby.  “Many see integrated display as the end-game – we see it as the beginning and have made it available on our iCC7 unit since 2017,” he commented.

The iCC7 can be set up to control two generators per panel with a split screen

The overall aim of Vetaphone designers is to facilitate technology operation so that it is as easy and effective as possible.  By making control of the surface treatment system an intuitive task, and collating and utilising feedback from operators who use the technology in a commercial environment on an everyday basis, Vetaphone claims to have refined the function to its maximum point in current working conditions.

“On the iCC7 we keep the front page of the display simple, with optional in-depth sophistication that allows the operative to explore more detailed information as required.  Our iCC7 logs function and maintenance requirements, with remote analysis via a download tool and USB port,” said Eisby.

With numerous iCC7 units already working in the market, Eisby says it is more evidence of the pioneering work undertaken by the company that began when his Father invented Corona treatment back in the 1950s.

In taking Industry 4.0 to the next step, Vetaphone is well aware that surface treatment alone is only part of the process.  A hardware interface, such as PROFINET, is just one of the many different types available on Vetaphone equipment that allow centralised set-up and control from the main machine HMI.  Centralised HMI allows one operator to oversee production, including several lines at the same time.  The company provides free software advice during implementation of the interface, which with graduated feedback provides the operator with only the information required at that stage – although full details are accessible at any time.

“Our OEMs need to be sure that our equipment meets their own high standards for reliable performance, which is the reason we have been successful in increasing our global market penetration,” said Eisby.

For more information, visit www.vetaphone.com.

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