Association for PRINT Technologies Launches APTech Connect

The Association for PRINT Technologies has launched the APTech Connect Community Forum, a new and free online resource designed to foster engagement, collaboration and information-sharing across the print industry’s value chain. The APTech Community Forum’s goal is to create a virtual community replete with useful, user-generated content. The forum has the capacity to allow committees and working groups to create specific spaces to share information, including meeting minutes, privately and in real-time.

“Think of this new online community as an expert virtual peer group designed and built as a platform to drive engagement across all areas of the print industry,” said Thayer Long, president, APTech. “And that means everyone who is innovating and generating new ideas - manufacturers, printers, designers and creatives.”

Large portions of the forum will be open to the entire print community and are available to both APTech members and non-members.

“The industry needs to be shaped by new, creative, and innovative ideas,” said Long “Our organization is dedicated to giving a voice and providing platforms both real and virtual to encourage collaboration and communication for all stakeholders.”

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