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AVENTICS™ Smart Pneumatics Analyzer: Emerson

Emerson has introduced a new tool to help pneumatic system users see the potential benefits of integrating IIoT. By connecting the new AVENTICS™ Smart Pneumatics Analyzer to the compressed air supply on an existing machine, users can have instant analysis options for key machine characteristics such as compressed air consumption and possible leakages.

“By digitizing the pneumatic environment, the Smart Pneumatics Analyzer provides users with the option to directly experience the benefits and potential of IIoT applications on their own machine – in just a few simple steps,” said Michael Britzger, Ph.D., senior manager, digital transformation for pneumatic technologies at Emerson Automation Solutions. The portable analyzer case contains a Smart Pneumatics Monitor, AS series air preparation units and a tablet for visualizing the live data. Emerson personnel can show a user within minutes how they can use IIoT-enabled data for insights into their own machine.

The monitor initially detects the system operating state, analyzes data and provides this processed information to users for status-oriented maintenance, for example. The Smart Pneumatics Monitor evaluates the data locally and uses it to generate information about the status of the system. All data from the valves, as well as from components connected to the I/O modules on the valve system, is read into a microprocessor and processed by means of mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are based on decades of expertise in AVENTICS pneumatic product engineering and application.

Condition monitoring, the collection of operating states and their prediction as the basis for anticipatory maintenance, offers direct advantages for customers using IIoT applications. Because they can anticipate wear before it leads to machine downtimes, they allow users to significantly increase the availability of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs. Once defined limits are reached, the electronics can automatically send messages to ERP and MES systems, as well as maintenance or other staff. Data collected can also help optimize a pneumatic systems’ energy efficiency.

“It's important to us to support our customers in their digitization process as equals,” said Britzger. “Based on the analysis results, we therefore also further develop the Smart Pneumatics Analyzer together with our customers especially for their application. This way, users can experience and apply the added value of IIoT for themselves.” In addition to being demonstrated by Emerson associates, the analyzer is available for sale to users if they would like to keep the unit at their facility.

For more information, visit www.aventics.com/us/IoT

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