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Compak™ Pro Corona Treater Power Supply: Enercon

Enercon’s newest corona treater power supply is designed for professional converters and extruders looking to maximize productivity with best-in-class technology. This innovative system features an intuitive touch screen interface, which provides users with unprecedented operating control, detailed system data, maintenance reminders and support options.

“This new design incorporates everything an OEM and end user could possibly need into a single customizable interface,” said Mario Leonardelli, vice president of engineering at Enercon.

The new Compak™ Pro is reportedly the result of over forty years of equipment design expertise. The power supply could be ideal for applications requiring 1-16 kW of treatment power, is compatible with any surface treater station, and is available in three convenient input power modes eliminating the need for input transformers. It is ideal for integration with corona treater stations on new and existing OEM lines, as well as a replacement for older power supplies.

The intuitive touch screen control guides operators through basic settings and advanced options including watt density control, proportional speed control, system operation fault diagnostics, blower motor starter, electrode retraction and more. Additional options including wet start, high voltage switching, skip treating and an array of network control options.

New support features include on board troubleshooting tips, custom maintenance reminders and explicit real time fault monitoring. In addition to logging and time stamping any faults, the system automatically takes a detailed snapshot of operating data when the fault occurs. A USB port allows users to download this data and share with Enercon Service Engineers for resolution of issues. Users can also use the USB to capture maintenance and event logs as well as update software in the field.

For more information, visit www.enerconind.com.

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