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CTG Max™ Electrode: Pillar Technologies

Pillar Technologies recently announced the addition of its CTG Max Electrode with features and benefits that include:

  • Significantly reduces treatment station cost by concentrating power output to one electrode assembly for most applications.
  • Customized to the curvature of your specified ground roll, minimizing gap-setting time.
  • No edge-arcing, as seen with square or round electrode profiles which do not contour to the ground roll.
  • Solution for all non-conductive material applications, and particularly high-speed lines.
  • Does not require internal cooling for treating of most web materials.
  • Internally-cooled design available for thermally- sensitive materials and for plasma system applications.
  • Low maintenance, rigid stainless steel construction; built to last for the life of the treating station.

Surface Modification Effects:

  • High energy density discharge increases surface roughness and the number of activation sites.
  • More homogenous and uniform discharge increases surface energy.
  • Expanded electrode surface area increases treatment dwell time per m2 and adhesion.

For more information, visit www.pillartech/surfacetreatment.aspx.

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