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Open Up Package Possibilities at Comco/Mark Andy Flexo Open

MILFORD, OH, USA—Challenging packaging compositions will be among the highlights of the upcoming Comco Educator Series seminar, slated for June 19 and 20, 2002. According to Comco (a div. of Mark Andy), the "Flexo Open" will be held at its Advanced Training and Technology Center, Milford, OH. Among the demonstrations: "the extreme flexibility of the Comco ProGlide MSP printing and converting systems," which, "will produce a series of challenging packaging designs," adds the press mfr.

"The live demonstration will focus on the variety of substrates, constructions, decoration, effects, and finishing techniques that ALL can be achieved in-line," says Comco. Notes Mary Sullivan, global marketing, Mark Andy, "The primary objective in displaying these challenging packaging compositions is to provide printers and converters more options when marketing to print buyers and consumer-product companies. Demonstrating today's latest technology and printing expertise will enable printers and converters to enter new markets and expand within existing ones. The in-line flexo process is fundamentally capable of producing more converted packaging styles than any other printing process today. The seminar's live demos have, and continue, to convey our confidence in [the process]," she adds.

The Flexo Open is co-sponsored by AET Films; DuPont Cyrel; Akzo Nobel; UCB Films; Cincinnati Precision Plate; Harper Corp.; ESI; Northwest Coatings; Rotometrics; Praxair; Corotec; Martin Automatic; Gannicott; Potlatch; Integrated Design Corp.; Keco; ITW; Stork; and UVT.

More information about Comco's Flexo Open is available at Mark Andy, or call Nancy Phillips at 800/700-6275.

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