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Terphane to Present Solutions in Sealable Films at Packaging Innovations

Terphane, a global player in specialty polyester films, plans to showcase its newest products which increase consumer appeal and shelf life at the Packaging Innovations 2019 Show.  Terphane joins about 300 exhibitors at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK.

“Sealphane® films are highly transparent and have anti-mist functionality, allowing the consumer to view the product and enjoy high quality printed images - even when the product is exhibited in refrigerated shelves,” said André Gani, sales and marketing director for export markets.

Terphane’s booth will highlight the latest innovations for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The Sealphane line is the perfect solution to maximize the product´s shelf life, minimize waste and increase the perception of value in each product,” said Gani.  Sealphane also has films with peelable seals with reduced sharding, making them very consumer-friendly.

Sealphane films, can increase shelf life for fresh fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing the products´ integrity during transportation and storage and avoiding waste.  In addition to these logistics wins,  the possibility of stacking the packages allows more packages to occupy less space. The advantages are even more impressive if the point of sale is self-service, where the consumer appeal of the product is showcased by the transparent film.  These films are highly versatile and can be exposed to a temperature range varying from negative 40 degrees to 210 degrees centigrade, for packages that go from freezer to oven.

“Terphane polyester films are ideal as covers of punnets with an easy open feature,” said Gani

In the Sealphane line there are sealable films for different types of punnets, including PP, PE, APET, rPET, CPET-APET, APET-PE, PS, pulp, smooth-walled foil and coated paperboard.

For more information, visit www.terphane.com.

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