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FTA and Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica Partner for “We Have the Cure” Seminar

FTA and Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica recently announced they will hold a half-day seminar on the benefits and challenges of implementing e-beam curing or UV-LED into the flexo printing process. The “We Have the Cure” training conference will take place at Koenig & Bauer's facility and technology center in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, March 28. The event is open to all industry printer/converters looking to optimize their process.

Attendees will hear from experts on the benefits and challenges of electron beam curing and UV-LED relating to the press, inks and plates. Guests will also hear from an experienced brand owner on how trends in packaging impact the need for newer curing technologies. In addition, a round table discussion will bring it all together and feature two special guests: a narrow web printer and flexible packaging printer that are both currently running e-beam and UV-LED. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the process, variables to consider when implementing and the knowledge to determine whether this technology is right for their business.

Topics covered over course of the seminar will include:

  • How to remove the need for drying time or powder with inks that cure instantly
  • Expanding substrate offerings to include plastics and other materials that don't absorb inks
  • How to achieve quality, safety-conscious print results with heat-sensitive substrates
  • Why and how UV-LED lamps last significantly longer (10x) than traditional UV lamps, saving time and money (LED-UV modules can provide 30,000+ hours of curing, when operated at the proper power capacity)
  • How to eliminate heat, ozone and mercury from the pressroom, making the process safer and improving overall environmental impact
  • How UV-LED curing eliminates the release of VOCs because UV inks are free of solvents and avoids the environmental issues caused by them
  • How to bypass the energy costs and heat-related hazards of heatset drying
  • Which value-added coatings can be used efficiently and effectively
  • High-end printing effects, like drip-off (aka "strike through") and how they can be achieved, and discussion of further developments in this arena that are broadening creative applications and what is possible with printing

For more information, visit www.flexography.org.

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