Flexible Packaging and Sustainability Now Offers New Online Toolkit

A new toolkit has been created by Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), who have put together and created visual formats to explain about flexible packaging and sustainability. It is available free of charge to anyone interested in the subject, from the association’s website.

“With our comprehensive information package, we want to highlight, how flexible packaging supports sustainable consumption and production of food. Flexible packaging actually offers many advantages when it comes to sustainability, especially when looking at the big picture – this is backed by scientific facts,” said Jean-Paul Duquet, FPE’s director of sustainability. “Still sustainability in packaging remains a complex matter and we have tried to reduce complexity by providing a practical overview with facts and figures at European level over much-debated key issues like circular economy or food waste.

The toolkit comprises downloadable infographics, posters, a fact sheet and a useful pocket guide. The information is currently available in five languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish (Polish and Turkish to follow soon) making it a comprehensive and accessible source of information about the sustainability of flexible packaging.

To access the online toolkit visit the association website at: https://www.flexpack-europe.org/en/toolkit-downloads.html

For more information, visit www.flexpack-europe.org.

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