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FACTS Inc. Announce their Revolutionary New TeraGauge Measurement for Web Applications

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH | FACTS Inc. recently-announced their on-line TeraGauge sensor for sheet and web applications which offers non-ionizing, non-contact on-line measurement that is completely safe and capable of operating in harsh environments. This revolutionary sensor represents a breakthrough in web gauging technology with precise, repeatable high-speed measurement performance, packaged in a compact single-sided scanner.

The FACTS Total Gauge Control System seamlessly integrates the TeraGauge gauge and its rugged single- sided measurement platform into a comprehensive, single window automation solution. Now, basis weight, density, single & multilayer thickness measurements can be made using the single-sided TeraGauge sensor with an accuracy that is equal to or better than conventional technologies.

This new measurement architecture will often replace multiple scanner and sensor configurations, reducing maintenance while improving accuracy and results. TeraGauge measurements are available across a wide product range, for example

• Clear and opaque film and sheet
• Foam products, foam board, foam adhesive, SOFI, foam plate & cup stock
• Thin wall packaging: Barrier layer thickness measurement including individual layer thicknesses
• Rubber: Multi-layer EPDM, textile and steel cord tire ply, inner liner & gum thicknesses
• Products with variable mineral filler or pigment content

FACTS can retrofit conventional sensors on current web gauging systems with their latest TeraGauge measurement technology to provide maximum benefits with minimum disruption. This technology can reduce the measurement payload, rationalize calibration, improve reliability and lower the cost of web gauging maintenance and ownership. The financial benefits afforded by this unique measurement help reduced scrap and increase quality production, offering a fast return on investment (ROI).

FACTS offer a wide range of System Integration Services including distributed controls, web gauging systems, profile controls and information systems. This includes project management, hardware and software engineering, safety risk analysis and on-site service and support to name a few. FACTS measurement systems are designed for daily use in industrial manufacturing operations and seamlessly interface to its Process Control and Information Management platforms.

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