Voith Paper Webshop Now Used by More than 60 Companies Worldwide

APPLETON, WI | Since the introduction of the Voith Paper Webshop in early 2017, the number of users has been continuously increasing. More than 60 companies worldwide are already ordering spare and wear parts for paper machines via the online platform. Personalized access and linking to customers’ ERP systems make ordering and order processing especially easy.

In July 2018, Voith welcomed its 50th customer, the North American packaging paper manufacturer Pratt Industries. Other companies are consistently being added, “By now we have more than 60 paper producers using the system,” said Michael Thoma, director global e-business solutions for Voith Group/Division Paper.

The key to the success of the Voith Paper Webshop is, among other benefits, the personalization of the access, which greatly simplifies the ordering process. For example, the specific spare and wear parts for the machines of each individual customer are saved. Therefore, the purchaser does not have to choose from the different variants of a product, but instead immediately finds the right parts for their machine. 

In the search for the correct component, either the order number or, if saved, the customer’s internal material number can be entered on the search screen. Alternatively, all products can be shown as an overview in a tree structure. In addition, through the personal access, the user has the entire order history as well as all relevant operating instructions available to them. It is estimated that searching for the required components can take up to 30 percent of the time needed to prepare for maintenance work and Voith Paper Webshop’s predefined product list significantly reduces the effort required for this.

Product prices, availabilities and delivery times can be accessed in real time at any time with just a few clicks. For the Voith Paper Webshop, there is no such thing as the end of the workday, weekends or vacations. All data is always up to date, and ordering can also be done from a tablet or a smartphone.

More than 100,000 spare and wear parts are included in the Voith Paper Webshop – and more are being added on a daily basis. Being able to see the current availability of parts allows paper manufacturers to make their inventories leaner. “Thanks to order tracking, the customer also sees exactly where an ordered component currently is and when it will arrive,” adds Michael Thoma. This facilitates the scheduling of maintenance work.

Via standardized OCI and EDI interfaces, the Voith Paper Webshop can be seamlessly connected to the ERP system of every customer. This allows ordering processes and order processing to be completed easily, effectively and rapidly – and to be transparent for all parties at all times.

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