Archroma Introduces Cartastrength® DST.03 for Packaging Papers

Reinach, SWITZERLAND | Archroma announces the introduction of its new Cartastrength® DST.03 for stronger packaging and tissue papers and improved stickies management during the production process.

Cartastrength® agents increase the stability of corrugated fiberboard and allow manufacturers to achieve higher levels of dry strength with lower amounts of fiber. The new Cartastrength® DST.03 takes strength management to a whole new level by bringing a solution to paper and board manufacturers that combines enhanced dry strength and improved stickies management.

Cartastrength® DST.03 is an efficient dry strength liquid additive, suitable for all paper and board grades, especially beneficial where recycled fiber is the main raw material. It is ideally suited for fine paper grades, including décor, tissue with fully bleached fiber, or wastepaper and brown packaging manufactured from old corrugated containers (OCC).


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