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GotPrint Takes Home Benny Award Using Scodix Technology

BURBANK, CA | Printograph, Inc dba GotPrint.com has received the coveted 2018 Benjamin Franklin “Benny” Award for the Digital Enhancement Printing category. The winning work is an annual booklet called the Broker’s Product List (BPL). Their 2017 edition of the BPL was also a Benny Award winner last year. Both awards were achieved after GotPrint.com installed a Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil in early 2017.

"Every year, since 2009, Printograph has produced the BPL. It's designed specifically for the print professional [print broker and reseller customers as well as other print industry leaders], demonstrating not only what we offer in terms of product and paper, but exhibiting the quality, uniqueness, and level of customization our company can achieve with our high-end equipment,” notes Erina Sookiasian, Marketing Project Manager.
Scodix North American VP of Sales and GM Mark Nixon, notes, “We are excited for GotPrint to have won this prestigious award, two years running. We know our technology helps printers create works of art — and this just goes to show how true that is. With a bit of creativity, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to the incredible work that can be created with Scodix presses.”
According to Lead Creative/Graphic Designer Edik Balaian, “This year’s catalog theme and design process 
was inspired by the 1950s. This was the period when home radio entertainment systems were at their height in popularity [just before the indoctrination of television and the 1954 invention of the pocket transistor radio]. Home radios incorporated so many different materials such as wood, plastic, glass and fabric, and were topped off with gold accents for that luxury finish. Using the Scodix system, we were able to bring that look and feel to life on the BPL cover."
Balaian added, “Employing the Scodix Raised UV and Raised Foil technology, gives an artist the opportunity to fly beyond a flat two-dimensional design, creating a festival of textures and feels that transcends any standard palette of expressions. In the end, we were so pleased with the results that we distributed over 100,000 catalogs industry-wide.”
“We’ve been accentuating projects with the Scodix system for about 18 months now and it continues to deliver that ‘wow factor’ that clients crave,” notes Ardash Der Derian, VP of Manufacturing. “Our clients love the specialty finish the Scodix systems offer. We have quotes and orders coming in daily with amazing and unique projects and designs. Most of our clients request packaging orders with the high-end foil finish.
“There is not a day that our Scodix machine is not running because once you apply one of the raised finishes, you can't help but want to use specialty finishes on all your printed materials. The possibilities are endless and that is why we love the effect of the Raised UV and Raised Foil option and why we know our customers and future customers will too.”
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