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SGIA Announces 2018 Product of the Year Winners

: FAIRFAX, VA | After evaluating a record-setting field of 255 submissions, judges of the 2018 Product of the Year Competition selected 68 winning products, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)  announces.

"This year's competition was tight. A number of categories were decided by five points or less because of the quality of the submissions,” said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA. “This was a very exciting year for the Product of the Year competition."

This year’s competition included 68 categories — over a third more than last year’s field of 49. Additions include Digital Inks — Industrial and Packaging, Large-Format Scanners (Flat or Roll), 3D Printers and Single-Pass Printers.

"The competition is bigger than ever, and with the additional 19 categories it encompasses even more of the industry. You will want to visit the Golden Image/Product of the Year Gallery at the Expo so you can see all of the entries for yourself," said Weiss.

The Golden Image/Product of the Year Gallery can be found in Hall C2 at the back of the show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Winners will receive their Product of the Year jewels at a special presentation the evening before the 2018 SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, October 18–20) opens.

Digital Inks — Textile (Small Format <24"): Sawgrass (Booth 3739), Ultra HD Flex

Digital Inks — UV: Roland DGA Corporation (Booth 1137), Roland ECO-UV inks

Digital Inks — Industrial and Packaging: INX International (Booth 2149), PRODIGY™ EBGA Premium EB Curable Inks

Finishing — Display/Exhibit Hardware: Spirit Displays Ltd (Booth 4428), Spirit-TEX Fabric Tension System

Lasers/Routers/Cutters (4' x 8' or Larger): Trotec Laser Inc (Booth 2669), SP 2000

Multi-Function Finishing (Slit/Score/Perf): Safety Speed Manufacturing (Booth 635), DFC-H5 Panel Saw & Dust Free Cutter Combo

Heat Press (Table-Top): STAHLS' (Booth 1615), Hotronix Fusion IQ

Heat Press (Large Format Roll or Clam): HIX Corporation (Booth 3330, 3331), HIX LF-4464

Laminates, Adhesives, Films and Coatings: Drytac (Booth 2341), ReTac WipeErase

Large-Format Scanners (Flat or Roll): SMA e Document GmbH (Booth 3382), SMA VERSASCAN

Automation Equipment (Print/Post): OmniPrint International (Booth 1979), WURK Bridge

Software — RIP, Web-Based Design, Personalization or Product Bldg: Graphical Systems USA (Booth 3337), Graphic Tracer Professional

Software — Workflow/MIS/CRM: PrintFactory (Booth 3191), PrintFactory Cloud

Spectrophotometer Devices: Barbieri North America Inc. (Booth 3297), Spectro LFP qb

Media — Films: Gans Ink and Supply Co (Booth 2179), BF9

Media — Non-PVC: Floor Signage LLC (Booth 2590), AlumiGraphics Glow Grip

Media — Adhesive Back (Not Vinyl): Gans Ink and Supply Co (Booth 2179), Holographic Window Film

Media — Rigid/Corrugated: Johnson Plastics Plus (a division of Rowmark LLC) (Booth 2431), The Naturals from Rowmark

Media — Banner (Non-Textile): Gans Ink and Supply Co (Booth 2179), Jet 550

Media — Heat Transfer Material, Cuttable: Siser North America (Booth 2331), Blackboard

Media — Heat Transfer Material, Printable: Chemica US Corp (Booth 535), Chemica - Hotmark RevolutionPrint

Textile — Apparel: Fisher Textiles (Booth 1773), ET3200 Hoodie

Textile — Flag: Fisher Textiles (Booth 1773), DD 7801 Flag

Textile — Banner: Fisher Textiles (Booth 1773), GF4019 Nirvana B.O.B

Textile — Framing Systems: SENFA - DECOPRINT (Booth 3023), SUBLIMIS

Textile — Canvas: HP Inc (Booth 1147, 1161), HP Recycled Satin Canvas

Textile — Wall Covering: Gans Ink and Supply Co (Booth 2179), Jettex

Textile — Home Furnishings: Top Value Fabrics (Booth 1848), Sequoia S/577

Media — Adhesive Back Vinyl: Drytac (Booth 2341), SpotOn Floor 200

Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper: Sawgrass (Booth 3739), True Pix™ CLASSIC Sublimation Transfer Paper

Dye Sublimation Rigid Material for Transfer: Chromaluxe (Booth 1673), ChromaLuxe EXT

Finished Garment Blanks — Natural Fiber: Image Armor/RTP Apparel (Booth 3523), RTP Apparel Image Armor Women's DTG Ready to Print Racer Back Tank Top

Finished Garment Blanks — Blends: Terry Town (Booth 3381), DP1731- Sherpa Lined Micro Mink Throw

Finished Garment Blanks — Accessories: Terry Town (Booth 3381), MYOGA- Sublimated Yoga Mat

DTG — Pre-Press (Sprayers/Dryers): Brown Manufacturing Group (Booth 2491, 2871), Synergy Pretreat Module and FireFly curing system

Screen Printing — Inks: Marabu North America LP (Booth 2561), MaraTech MGO

Screen Printing — Pre-Press (Exposure/Imaging): Lawson Screen & Digital Products (Booth 2976, 2977), Lawson Lock-N-Go

Screen Printing — Manual Garment Press: A.W.T. World Trade Inc. (Booth 3015), American Redesigned Rototex

Screen Printing — Automatic Garment Press: Ryonet + Roq (Booth 3401), ROQ Eco P16 Automatic Press

Screen Printing — Curing Equipment: M&R Companies (Booth 2547, 2631), M&R HotHead Fabric Compression System

Screen Printing — Drying Equipment: Brown Manufacturing Group (Booth 2491, 2871), FireFly Curing System

Screen Printing — Post-Press (Clean/Reclaim): Easiway Systems Inc (Booth 3849), EasiSolv™ 1028 Ink & Emulsion Remover

Product Finishing — Sewing: MEEVO MKF (Booth 1285), MEEVO MKF MX Event with SEAS

Banner Finishing (Grommet/Sew/Weld): Miller Weldmaster Corp (Booth 101), 112 Extreme

Direct-to-Garment Printers (White Shirt): OmniPrint International (Booth 1979)

Direct-to-Garment Printers (Black Shirt): OmniPrint International (Booth 1979)

Flatbed/Hybrid (Under $100,000): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 900)

UV Hybrid ($100,000–$500,000): Agfa Graphics (Booth 1460, 1561)

UV Flatbed (Under $100,000): Vanguard Digital Printing Systems (Booth 1173)

UV Flatbed ($100,000–$200,000): Vanguard Digital Printing Systems (Booth 1173)

UV Flatbed ($200,000–$500,000): Agfa Graphics (Booth 1460, 1561)

UV Flatbed + White ($100,000–$200,000): Vanguard Digital Printing Systems (Booth 1173)

UV Flatbed + White ($200,000–$500,000): Agfa Graphics (Booth 1460, 1561)

Tabletop Flatbed (Industrial/Small Item Decoration): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 900)

Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (Under 80 Inches): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 900)

Roll-to-Roll Solvent/Latex (Over 80 Inches): Mutoh America Inc (Booth 900)

Roll-to-Roll UV (Under 80 Inches): Roland DGA Corporation (Booth 1173)

Roll-to-Roll UV (Over 80 Inches): Agfa Graphics (Booth 1460, 1561)

RTR/Hybrid/Flatbed New Technology or Inkset: Durst Image Technology U.S. LLC (Booth 1548)

Digital/Screen Print Hybrid Printing Systems: M&R Companies (Booth 2547, 2631)

3D Printers: Mimaki USA Inc (Booth 2161)

Roll-to-Roll Direct Disperse Ink on Textile: Durst Image Technology U.S. LLC (Booth 1548)

Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile: DGI (Booth 2515)

Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Metal: EPSON America Inc (Booth 1414)

UV Hybrid/Flatbed High Volume Production Class: EFI (Booth 301)

Digital Press: FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Division (Booth 1119)

Single-Pass Printer: EFI (Booth 301)

Direct-to-Shape Printers: Inkcups Now (Booth 127)

SGIA — Supporting the Leaders of the Digital & Screen Printing Community
The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) owns and produces the 2018 SGIA Expo, the printing industry’s most exciting and comprehensive trade show, which will bring more than 550 exhibitors and over 25,000 registrants to Las Vegas October 18–20. Technology is expanding what you can do — and the SGIA Expo is here to help you make the most of it!

SGIA is the trade association of choice for professionals in the industrial, graphic, garment, textile, electronics, packaging and commercial printing communities looking to grow their business into new market segments through the incorporation of the latest printing technologies. SGIA membership comprises these diverse segments, all of which are moving rapidly towards digital adoption. As long-time champions of digital technologies and techniques, SGIA is the community of peers you are looking for to help navigate the challenges of this process.

To learn more, visit https://www.chemica-us.com/en/ .

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