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Allied Media Installs a Heidelberg Suprasetter A 106 CtP

KENNESAW, GA | Allied Media of Fenton, Mich., recently installed a Suprasetter A 106 CtP from Heidelberg  in order to increase quality and productivity in its print shop.

While using the Speedmaster SM 102, Allied Media realized that they needed an industry-leading CtP device to partner alongside their highly productive press. Holding 110 plates of each press size, Allied Media’s new Suprasetter A 106 fully automates the loading of plates direct from the Dual Cassette Loader with slip sheet removal, imaging, punching and plate stacking.

“With our old CtP device, it took us a half hour to complete only one plate,” said Matt Bradley, Prepress Manager of Allied Media. “The Suprasetter allows us to do 18 plates an hour, and the quality on the Suprasetter is just superior.”

Thanks to the internal punching system, Allied Media no longer has to manually hand-punch each plate. The Suprasetter offers an extremely accurate punching system for maximum register accuracy, which drastically decreases Allied Media’s makeready time.

One of Allied Media’s favorite traits of the Suprasetter is its reliable production with a high quality laser system developed by Heidelberg. With the Intelligent Diode System, the operation can still continue even if one diode fails during production.

Allied Media uses their Suprasetter to image Heidelberg Saphira Thermoplate IPR4, which is a super duty plate that supports a wide range of print applications. Designed for harsher press conditions, this thermal positive plate with high chemical resistance is perfect for companies looking to increase their productivity. The Suprasetter A 106 together with the Speedmaster SM 102 and Saphira plates has allowed Allied Media to increase their productivity by over 10 percent.

“I can now just simply make sure the plates are ready on the Suprasetter and let it run — knowing they are going to come out on time and correct,” said Bradley. “I can work on my jobs on the Speedmaster or anything else that needs to be done and then go get the plates whenever I’m ready. It’s a great partnership.”

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