Jet Label Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary by Showcasing Mosaic Printing Capabilities

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA | Jet Label & Packaging Ltd. Western Canada’s largest producer of labels and printed tape for a broad range of industries, turned 20 by turning refreshments at its anniversary celebration into uniquely labelled libations. The feat was accomplished with Mosaic printing.

Mosaic is short for HP SmartStream Mosaic, which can create countless unique-to-unit labels from a finite number of original designs. Despite the nuanced characteristics of products constructed with Mosaic, the overarching brand concept remains paramount. Mosaic printing has a twofold function of “uniquifying” products to make consumers feel singular while differentiating a brand’s product from competitors and staying true to overall brand consistency.

“The Mosaic beverages represent our commitment to prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction along parallel lines,” said Darrell Friesen, President & CEO of Jet Label & Packaging Ltd. “Forward-thinking capabilities like Mosaic are what differentiate Jet as a company, and have allowed us to be a leader in the industry for 20 years and hopefully many more to come.”

Jet Label realized a particularly significant milestone last year with the acquisition of United Label Company. The move secured additional space and production capacity by means of a second facility in Vancouver. With the company’s main facility in Edmonton, Alberta, this second site highlights Jet’s growing presence and increasing production demands.


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