Stora Enso Streamlines Core Product Areas

HELSINKI, FINLAND—Stora Enso recently announced it's changing its organizational structure to reflect the group's strategic principle of being operated and managed as one industrial group. The new structure will be streamlined around Stora Enso's core product areas, paper, packaging, and forest products, says the Finnish company.

Stora Enso says its current paper divisions will form the new paper product area comprising the Publication Papers, Fine Paper, North America, and Merchants divisions. Specialty papers, which is now part of the Packaging Boards division, will form a new business area within Fine Paper, adds co.

"The objective is to improve cooperation between paper-related businesses in strategy, sales and marketing, and production," says Stora. "This will result in a more coordinated approach to customers through improved customer relationship management. Prioritizing of mergers, acquisitions, and investments will be enhanced, and capacity will be more efficiently managed."

The company also says its newly streamlined Packaging Product Area will comprise Consumer Boards, Corrugated Packaging, Industrial Papers and Cores, and Coreboards.

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