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Maxson Slitting Cartridge Said to Cut Downtime

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company announces a rapid change slitting cartridge, designed to eliminate set-up time by allowing one magazine of slitters to be changed and preset while the other bank is in operation. 

Developed for applications involving the conversion of coarse materials that require frequent knife changing or short production runs that demand minimal downtime, the model includes two separate slitting rig assemblies mounted within frames that slide in and out of position in front of the rotary cutter.

Each assembly has upper slitters that are air loaded against bottom knife anvils. The bottom slitter anvils in each cartridge are positioned laterally across an air shaft that is driven by an AC motor within the freestanding frame. Controls for engaging and disengaging the slitters are mounted on each cartridge frame. The AC motor follows the cutter’s line speed.

The cartridges share a common steel base and are said to slide easily in or out of the production position on linear bearings and guides. Company says a locking system assures repeatable, consistent positioning. In line, the slitters can slit high bulk board, paper, or specialty grades. Off line, the cartridge’s easy access layout allows quick upper and lower knife changes and precise width settings without shutting down the sheeter.

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