Comexi & QuadTech Collaborate on Color Control

GIRONA, SPAIN | Comexi and QuadTech have joined forces in the investigation and development of new color control management technologies for the flexible packaging industry. After years of research, this close collaboration between the two companies has pursued the adaptation of QuadTech’s Color Control with SpectralCam, and its extension from paper and label printing to the printing of flexible packaging. The system is said to bring significant advantages for standard applications on various flexible films. 

QuadTech’s Color Control with SpectralCam provides closed-loop color control

As flexible packaging printing typically runs roll-to-roll, it is not possible for press operators to take a printed sample for exact color check, the companies says, and that was one of the main requirements that drove the implementation of Color Control with SpectralCam for flexible packaging printing. QuadTech’s system reportedly brings automated precision for achieving color targets, as the closed-loop color control means faster, easier color OKs, reduced makeready time, and enhanced productivity.

Patented adaptive control methodology adjusts the press to maintain accurate control over four-color process, extended gamut, and spot colors throughout the run. On Comexi’s Offset CI8 running seven-color process, also known as “extended gamut’ printing, a spectral system that measures color is preferred over a density measurement, company says.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with one of the most technologically innovative companies in the flexographic, offset, and gravure printing industries”, says QuadTech president Karl Fritchen. “Comexi’s reputation and commitment to innovation is perfectly aligned with QuadTech’s vision and expertise. Both companies continually invest in the development of pioneering technologies and solutions for the market,”

Comexi CEO Jeroen van der Meer says, “We are continuously investing in development, research, knowledge, and innovation. We have become a market-reference in this field, and we are really glad that the strategic collaboration with QuadTech has resulted in the development of new technologies that broaden the sector, its possibilities, and facilitates customers’ day-to-day production.”

Adelbert Schoonman, manager of R&D for Comexi’s Offset Technology, talks about the main challenges that the closed-loop Color Control system addresses: “All printing processes have their deviations during a print run. It is of great help for each printer when they can monitor, automatically correct, and regulate the quality of the colors during the process. When required, the printer can react on the provided information during the run, for example by making adjustments to viscosity, temperature, or pressure.”

The closed-loop Color Control system can make the press operator’s corrections by automatically adjusting the ink keys based on data provided by the SpectralCam. Schoonman says, “The characteristics required in the flexible packaging printing, such as measuring through a transparent film, and the different characteristics of packaging films—like clarity, gloss or matte finishes, background or spot colors—makes closed-loop color control for flexible packaging much more challenging.”

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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