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IMS Deltamatic Group Moves to New Plant

CALCINATE, ITALY | IMS Deltamatic Group, the owner of brands including GOEBEL IMS, ROTOMAC, DELTAMATIC, and KASPER, has recently started production in its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Seriate, Italy. The company says that due to exponential increases in demand across all brands, IMS Deltamatic expanded its production with the new 9,000-m2 manufacturing facility in order to offer its customers the highest quality from one source. The new production plant is located close to the headquarters of IMS Deltamatic, which also operates a manufacturing site in Bergamo. 

Daniele Vaglietti, CEO of IMS Deltamatic, says, “This move has been very ambitious and posed a challenge to all members of the IMS Deltamatic Group due to its sheer magnitude and complexity. Nonetheless, the Seriate production site is the next strategic step towards a successful future.”

The new site houses the manufacturing of molds as well as various small and big parts for GOEBEL IMS, ROTOMAC, DELTAMATIC, and KASPER. This includes unwinding blocks and arms, winding stations and arms, machine bases and frames, milling, welded components, and complete machine parts. In addition, it hosts the Mould Division of the group which has grown over 30% in turnover since 2015.

The move to the new production site started in April 2017 after the acquisition of the industrial property. Since then, all buildings have been fully renovated, including reinforced floors, new wall and ceiling tiles, and a complete eternit roof removal. Investments were made in new electrical systems, compressors, air conditioning systems, network-systems-data, new servers, and telephony-optic-fiber- wifi. The objective: Creating a highly efficient, cutting-edge production facility that fulfills all requirements concerning optimized work processes, modern workspaces, occupational safety, and sustainability.

The Seriate manufacturing site with its 60 employees now houses different machining areas, a modern logistics and storage center, up-to-date workplaces, and meeting rooms. Over 40 high-performance machines are installed. Thanks to more than a dozen new cranes with capacities of up to 32 tons each, a significantly greater loading volume is achieved.

To ensure highest quality, a control department applies scanning for the dimensional inspection of machine parts, rapidly digitizing millions of data points. To further optimize production processes, cutting-edge software such as CAM solutions from Autodesk plays an integral role at the new Seriate site. Continuous investments in technology, training, and a close-knit team structure are key to provide outstanding service in terms of reliability, coherence and results to the customers of the IMS Deltamatic Group, the company says.

“With our new production facilities, we can now capitalize on synergies between our business units. Through efficient allocation of skills and resources and optimized use of our machinery, we can offer outstanding quality and highest performance at the same time. With this increase in production capacity, we are expecting to expand our customer portfolio,” says Vaglietti.

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