Flint Certifies Grafica Villalba in Platemaking

CHARLOTTE, NC | Grafica Villalba, a prepress provider and a distributor of nyloflex and nyloprint printing plates and rotec printing sleeves from Flint Group, conducts a vast array of services including: brand management, digital printing, electronic prepress, high-definition printing, corrugated prepress production, cutting dies and accessories, and technical services at its various locations throughout Mexico, Central, and South America. With the goal of being best in class for flexo prepress, Grafica Villalba says it continuously improves its operations through the application of new technology and the optimization of its platemaking practices, so it was interested when Flint Group introduced its FlexoExpert Certification Program

Grafica Villalba director general Adalberto Villalba (middle) accepts FlexoExpert certification. Also seen: Dan Rosen, sales director Flint Group (l), and Larry Dingman, regional account manager Flint Group (r)

Through evaluation and training, implementation, and audit, the FlexoExpert Certification Program provides a platform by which platemakers can reassess and refine their workflow processes to ensure standardized platemaking across all customer locations and geographies. With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, Grafica Villalba implemented the program and passed the final audit to earn the honor of FlexoExpert Certification of its platemaking process. The certification serves as evidence to its customers that the company utilizes best practices in flexo platemaking, and it reportedly conveys to printers that they can count on Grafica Villalba to reliably provide consistent, high quality printing plates.

Adalberto Villalba, director general of Grafica Villalba, says, “The program offers a methodical approach to the standardization of platemaking procedures, which enhances our accuracy when producing plates—especially when multiple locations are involved. This further ensures our customers that they will get the same plates every time they order, no matter where they are located, and the efficiencies gained in utilizing these best practices ultimately affect our bottom line.”

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