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Stafford Collars, Couplings Have Captive Clamp Screws

WILMINGTON, MA | Stafford Manufacturing Corporation announces a new line of two-piece and hinged shaft collars and shaft couplings with captive clamp screws said to eliminate lost screws and assembly issues. 

The company’s Captive Screw Design has been added to its line of two-piece and hinged shaft collars and couplings to prevent screws from dislodging and eliminating the need for removing screws before assembly. Simplifying the assembly process, these special retention screws remove the potential for lost screws and are said to provide the same clamping power as conventional loose screws.

Developed to enhance the user experience, the screw design speeds assembly and repair operations, company says. In the field it eliminates the risk of fumbling and lost screws ending up inside equipment and causing problems.

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