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Harper Reports "Breakthrough" Anilox Technology

CHARLOTTE, NC --Harper Corp. now is offering Platinum anilox technology. According to the mfr., this major technological advancement in the production and quality of laser-engraved rolls is the result of Harper's new laser process. The company says its new process reacts with modified trace elements in its Echoplasma ceramic coatings, which produces a 60% increase in ceramic cauterization.

"Due to the additional cauterization of the cell walls and cell bottoms," reports Harper Corp., "Platinum technology forms smoother cavities, which provides easier cleaning, better ink release, higher ink densities, and smoother lay downs. The Platinum cell walls also reduce the risk of scoring and excessive doctor blade wear, and minimal post laser polishing is required."

Harper reports it will offer the Platinum line in volumes substantially higher than the traditional anilox roll volumes. Says Art Ehrenberg, VP of Mfg. and Special Project Team Leader for development of the Platinum technology, "Because the cells are significantly smoother, we can offer deeper cells that still transfer ink efficiently."

For more information about Harper's Platinum anilox roll technology and its other products, visit harperimage.com.

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