Agfa Assists in September 11 Aftermath

GREENVILLE, SC, USA—From ongoing attacks on Afghanistan to Anthrax in the US to civil unrest in Pakiston to the turbulent turns of the stock market, since September 11th, world affairs continue to keep global citizens teetering between a sense of well-being and panic. But many companies (from across the globe) are contributing to a sense of stability by donating their efforts—time, money, and resources—to those in need now. A company familiar to the converting industry, the Belgium-based Agfa Corp., is one of those companies.

"Our healthcare customers, especially the New York and military healthcare facilities that use our medical imaging equipment were a top concern," says Robert S. Pryor, president, HealthCare div., Agfa. "We've bolstered our technical call center, and product personnel are on heightened alert to ensure systems remain functional and responsive. Logistics and management teams have increased equipment supplies in the affected areas," he continues. "We've offered our warehouse in Dayton, NJ, to Kodak and Fuji. This is a time for us to help one another, not a time to be worried about your compeition," Pryor suggests.

Agfa reports it donated both print and storage media to the US Navy's hospital ship USNS Comfort (which is equipped with several of its medical imaging products) and provided a complete imaging system "checkup" before the ship was deployed to Manhattan for treatment of the WTC victims. Agfa (also the maker of prepress products for the printing world) also says medical imaging systems were used at the Pentagon clinic and Walter Reed Army Medical Center for treatment of the victims of the Pentagon attack.

Agfa to Match United Way Contributions
Agfa is also supporting the United Way's nationwide "Community Response Fund," which will provide assistance to the familities and victims of the September 11th attacks. Employees' contributions to the fund, up to $25,000, will be matched by the mfr., the co. reports.

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