Packaging Professionals Click with Nilfisk-Advance America on New Web Site

MALVERN, PA, USA—Industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer Nilfisk-Advance America recently launched its new Web site— The site is designed to provide packaging professionals with all of the information they need to select the most effective vacuum and accessories for their application, to properly maintain their facilities using industrial vacuums, and to solve their individual cleaning and maintenance challenges, such as collecting lateral trim and scraps. Key site features include:

  • Industry-Specific Section

    features packaging and manufacturing news, product recommendations and information, literature authored by industry experts, and more.

  • Interactive Product Directory

    details the company's complete Nilfisk and CFM vacuum lines, attachments, and accessories for packaging applications.

  • Free Literature Library

    features informative case studies, articles, and brochures.

  • Detailed Filtration Center

    demystifies the science of vacuum filtration with scientific data, a particle size "spectrum," and tips for choosing the right filter media and type.

  • "Your Questions Answered" Section

    enables site visitors to ask Nilfisk-Advance America's experts about vacuums and cleaning techniques via a user-friendly interface.

The manufacturer says its Nilfisk and CFM brand vacuums are equipped with industry-specific features and exceptionally efficient filtration systems, ensuring dust- and debris-free facilities in the food, chemical/pharmaceutical, electronics, metalworking/powder coating, and a variety of manufacturing industries.

"Our main goal in designing the new Nilfisk-Advance America Web site was to make it as customer-friendly as possible," says Nilfisk-Advance America VP Paul Miller. "In fact, the first thing we did was divide the site into industry-specific sections to make sure that all visitors get the most helpful, relevant information for their specific application. We also organized the site so they can find everything they're looking for within a few clicks."

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