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Domino Announces Inks for Security Uses

CAMBRIDGE, UK | Domino Digital Printing Solutions is launching a new fluorescent ink for its K600i piezo drop-on-demand ink jet printer at Labelexpo Europe 2017, September 25–28, at the Brussels Expo in Brussels, Belgium. UV80CL ink is said to be ideal for security printing and brand protection to help businesses battle counterfeiting and forgery. 

The Domino K6001 inkjet printer

The ink prints clear but fluoresces green, under an ultraviolet UV-A 365nm blacklight. It can be used to print 2D codes, barcodes, alpha numeric codes, images, graphics, and personalized data printing, all of which may be used in security, authentication, and anti-counterfeit applications. The combination of printing variable data with green fluorescence reportedly provides a high complexity rating that is difficult to replicate.

This is said to make it ideal to use to add security marks and features to currency, stamps, tax stamps, passports, and certificates to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting of such items. Ink also can be used to incorporate security features onto labels and packaging for traceability to safeguard against counterfeiting and parallel trade.

Company says the K600i printer can be easily integrated into an existing web-fed press or used as a standalone roll-to-roll solution or finishing line, and the UV80CL ink is compatible with standard medias including polyethylene, polypropylene, and coated and uncoated papers.

“In today’s price competitive and technology savvy marketplace, it is imperative that brand owners establish a strong and effective anti-counterfeiting and brand protection program to safeguard their brands,” says Mark Herrtage, aftercare product manager at Domino Printing Solutions. “With that in mind, the UV80CL fluorescent ink provides security, label, and packaging converters with an added value offering to assist brand owners on this quest.”

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