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Epson Partners with Loftware

LONG BEACH, CA | Epson America and Loftware, Portsmouth, NH, report a new strategic partnership designed to support the growing demand for color label printing. As part of its Enterprise Labeling Solutions offering, Loftware is delivering native print drivers that use Epson ESC/Label language to drive the Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C7500GE on-demand inkjet label printers.

Companies say this demand for color labeling is being propelled by the need to support regulatory standards, customer branding demands, and product identification/use requirements, while avoiding the cost and maintenance issues associated with using preprinted label stock. Loftware is introducing native ESC/Label drivers across its Enterprise Labeling Solutions with the recent release of Loftware Print Server 11.1 and an upcoming release of Loftware Spectrum this fall. The native printer drivers introduced in these releases are said to maximize speed and performance for the Epson ColorWorks C7500 and C7500GE inkjet label printers, called a vital part of Loftware’s solutions that companies rely on to address complex labeling challenges across their global supply chains.

“It has become increasingly important for companies to have a printing solution that can both handle color labeling requirements while optimizing print performance to meet demands for mission critical label printing,” says Andy Scherz, senior product manager, Commercial Label Printers, Epson America. “By collaborating with Loftware, the industry leader in Enterprise Labeling, we are able to provide customers with the ability to drive Epson printers natively to support all of their increasing color labeling demands.”

Reportedly, the partnership is significant in addressing today’s color label printing challenges by enabling companies to leverage a combined software and hardware solution that can meet enterprise-level performance and scalability requirements.

Josh Roffman, Loftware VP of product management, says, “We’re excited to further our relationship with Epson, especially as the demand for color label printing and Enterprise Labeling has become increasingly important in so many industries. Our partnership creates an extremely powerful color label printing solution by combining Loftware’s industry leading Enterprise Labeling software capabilities with Epson’s advanced color print technology. Our customers will benefit by being able to meet all of their color labeling requirements while ensuring fast and reliable printing across global operations.”



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