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Pillar Announces Surface Treatment Service

HARTLAND, WI | ITW Pillar Technologies has announced a new Contract/Toll Corona and Plasma Treatment Service. The new service is said to enable roll goods producers, converters, and end-users to leverage the company’s extensive corona and atmospheric pressure plasma pilot line facilities to treat roll-to-roll materials on a contract or toll basis.

Chuck Ballard, OEM and corporate accounts sales manager, says, “We had encountered a number of customers who received either untreated or pretreated roll materials from their suppliers, but for a number of reasons were unable to achieve proper ink, coating, or adhesive adhesion to those materials using their in-house treaters. These clients would initially ask us for surface characterizations and, ultimately, re-treatment services using our VERSATreat corona technology or our Protean1 plasma technology. It became clear to us that a surface treatment service was a serious market need.”

“The cost to provide the service was nominal for our customers,” says regional sales manager Steve Helker, “so it’s been a very viable alternative for customers who need immediate support because of, for example, waste caused by insufficient or inconsistent pre-treatment. We typically perform a complimentary surface analysis to determine possible root causes for treatment issues, then prescribe the corona or plasma treatment necessary to rectify those surface conditions.”

The company has created a web page that describes its new surface treatment service, as well pilot line requirements for processing roll materials.

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