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Domino Press an Upgrade for McCourt Label

GURNEE, IL | Domino Digital Printing has created a new video to highlight and illustrate the evolution of how McCourt Label, the first US-based customer of the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press, has benefited in upgrading from its original five-color Domino digital label press to the seven-color version.

McCourt, Lewis Run, PA, made the upgrade in 2015. This flexo-based label printer began digital printing when it installed the original five-color Domino N610i in 2014. Since that time, Domino introduced a seven-color version (CMYKOV + W) of the N610i which provided an expanded color gamut, reportedly achieving more than 90% of the Pantone range. 

3D rendering of print bars inside the Domino N610i 7-color digital UV inkjet label press

“There were a lot of markets that we wanted to target, and we weren’t competitive with just flexo printing, so it was really important for us to take that step into digital printing,” says Sharon Zampogna, VP of sales at McCourt Label.

Adds Dave Ferguson, president at McCourt Label, “Even with our improvements, we knew that we could do better as soon as Domino came out with the seven-color machine, which added violet and orange and increased our color gamut dramatically…to improve our print quality and be more competitive with short run work.”

“Our product mix has really changed over the years,” says Zampogna. “Before, having only four colors, there was always that little bit of fear, wondering what if we can’t hit the color? But the seven-color machine has really launched us into a lot of new categories, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household products, and cosmetics. A lot of those are short-run, multi-copy critical color matching and we’re able to land those jobs now where we couldn’t before.”

So beyond the technology, why Domino?

Ferguson says, “Investing in the digital machine was a major investment for our company, and we needed to make sure that the company we were purchasing from was going to stand behind their equipment and help us with the new technology. And I think that shows our confidence in Domino.”

“Domino not only partnered with us in making sure we understood the technology and that our operators understood how to run the machine, but they also helped us from a sales and marketing standpoint,” adds Zampogna. “In the last two years we’ve added more new customers than we ever have, and we’re benefiting by having new short-run profitable business with our Domino press, while we’re still keeping our flexo presses busy as well.”

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