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SAM Chooses Vetaphone for Surface Treatment

GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA | Sung An Machinery (SAM), a manufacturer of extrusion, coating, and laminating technology, has been working with Vetaphone for surface treatment solutions across a variety of substrates from PET to BOPP, Alu foil, and metallized film. 

Joon Shin, grandson of the company’s founder, says, “We were first made aware of Vetaphone by a customer, but it was only when we began to investigate the best technology for our Test Lab that we came to understand the depth of knowledge that Vetaphone offers….” 

The SAM Test Lab facility

He says that one of the key factors in his company’s decision to choose Vetaphone was the advice and support it provides on a global basis. “We are an international provider of sophisticated technology, with over 600 machines installed in more than 30 countries, so it is vital that we work with suppliers that can match this global coverage with a commitment to after-sales support.” Since installing its first Vetaphone corona treater, SAM says it has begun to appreciate the variety of processes that benefit from the consistent quality of its surface treatment and controllability for use on different substrates.

The Solution Coating Lab into which the Vetaphone unit was commissioned is designed for customer product development trials and solution coating research, offering solvent- and water-based as well as UV and 100% solids coatings opportunities in a clean room environment. The exclusive cartridge system concept allows quick and easy change between processes, and a special dryer design enables flotation and roll support trials. More than 35 different coating methods are available for fluids and product conditions, and these can be based on viscosity, percentage solids, pH, solvent or solventless, water-based, hot melt, or coating weight criteria. A SCADA-HMI computer system records and analyzes all test data. The Vetaphone corona treater is a single-sided 16KW model, with a 25-watt output, and is fitted with a conductive ceramic coated backing roller.

SAM’s Business P&M director Heiss Kang says, “We have complete trust in Vetaphone’s high-speed performance and reliability, and this is essential as we develop our global business with the leading converting companies. The ease and speed with which we can clean and maintain the unit because of its removable cartridge system is a major benefit in any busy working environment. Our team found a site that contains the best online casinos from around the world and many no deposit bonuses for registration.”

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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