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KPG Offset Label Press Is Shaftless

WILLISTON, VA | KPG Corporation offers a shaftless offset (alcohol dampening) intermittent rotary label printer. Each unit works independently with a touch screen on each unit, reportedly enhancing the production efficiency. 

The machine features an advanced water and ink supplying system, ensuring proper water and ink balance and stability at low and high speeds, said to result in bright printing. Company says the structure makes the water and ink mix perfectly on the first printing roller through one bridge roller, greatly reducing material waste.

A vacuum unwinding device (patented and optional, alternative being a roller unwinding system) features a suction pulling device that keeps tension stable, preventing scratched and napping caused by the friction that is generated among several parts and printing material. Full version can be printed without blank, which also expands the scope of materials application.

The computer-controlled automatic and manual plate mounting and dismounting system shortens the plate changing time and increases the safety level of the machine. (Plate changing for six-color printing only needs 6 min).

Machine can also be equipped with an automatic registration system, automatic ink volume control system, flexo press unit, semi rotary die-cutter unit, vanishing unit, and rotary die-cutter, reportedly enabling multi-function ability and improving marketing competitiveness.

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