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Techkon USA Upgrades Spectrophotometer

DANVERS, MA | Techkon USA announces the new-generation SpectroDrive auto scanning spectrophotometer, said to scan press sheet color bars in seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data to a PC running the company's Expresso software. Allows the scanning of a 40-in. press sheet in less than 8 sec, company says.

The measured density and color information is displayed with suggested density changes for more accurate color. The spectral color engine reportedly delivers high measurement accuracy and consistency over time.

The unit can be used for automatic scanning or as a hand-held device for “spot check” measurements.

New features include M0/M1/M2/M3 for compliance with G7 and new ISO standards; a screen-on-scanner that displays color values, density, battery/wireless status, and current measurement conditions; a laser guide to verify alignment of color bar more easily before scanning. The spectrophotometer is said to be more rugged, featuring a solid aluminum casing, wireless charger, and improved wheel design.

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