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Cortec Offers Solution to Soil-Side Corrosion

ST. PAUL, MN | Cortec reports its CorroLogic features amine carboxylate Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) to solve the problems that occur when storage tanks used for product storage in industrial facilities are subject to soil-side corrosion during operation, especially when installed in severe environments. 

Company says the ability of CorroLogic VpCIs to protect areas that cannot be reached by traditional Cathodic Protection makes it an ideal treatment to be used in conjunction with CP or by itself when CP is deficient or absent. Utilizing the power of its VpCIs, CorroLogic reportedly is able to vaporize and disperse through open areas below an AST. When the VpCIs reach a metal surface, they adsorb and form a protective molecular barrier to guard against corrosion, providing an added dimension of protection to under-tank areas that cannot be reached by CP.

CorroLogic can be added to an AST in several different forms, enabling application during construction of new tanks or while existing tanks are in-service or out-of-service. During construction, CorroLogic pouches can be placed on an AST’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner and left to emit VpCIs below the tank surface. If an AST is already in service and needs protection, a CorroLogic Slurry is injected beneath the tank floor through the existing monitoring or leakage detection pipes or through injection pipes post-installed through the concrete ring beam. When a tank is out of service for T&I, CorroLogic Powder is fogged through the tank floor into the under-tank area and allowed to diffuse.

The company reports that since the successful implementation of CorroLogic in the Middle East in 2011 on a 107-m crude oil tank at a major oil and gas facility in the Arabian Peninsula, Cortec Middle East has been researching and successfully applying CorroLogic AST solutions in the various petrochemical, water-power, and oil and gas sectors across the GCC countries.

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