CTI Color-Changing Process Meets Many Regs

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO | Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) reports that its POWERCAPSULES, a thermochromic “Masterbatch” with color-changing capability, meet many compliance regulations regarding food packaging. POWERCAPSULES feature company’s thermochromic color concentrate pellets, said to offer customers the benefits of a let-down ratio and temperature indication, powered by new technology reported to drive vibrant color and UV stability, and all combined with US-based manufacturing utilizing good manufacturing practices.

Suited for a diverse array of applications, including flexible films, the products are offered in three temperatures for use in the plastics industry: 15 deg C (59 deg F); 18 deg C (64 deg F), and 40 deg C (104 deg F). Custom temperatures are also available. Additionally, products are available in the CMYK and blue colors, which can be mixed to make a virtual rainbow matching most Pantone (http://www.pantone.com/) colors.

“Most plastic companies receive a few inquiries per year for thermochromic and photochromic (light-sensitive) technology, but most pass on the opportunity because of the uncertainty in how to manage the technology in their production system,” says Patrick Edson, CTI’s chief marketing officer. “CTI has worked hard to provide a turnkey solution that fits seamlessly into a customer’s supply chain.”

The company validated regulatory compliance in several categories concerning the food application of the product, including the following:

  • RoHS directives
  • CONEG and EN 71-3 regulations
  • Dodd-Frank Conflict Mineral legislation
  • TSE requirements
  • California Proposition 65 legislation
  • no use of BPA
  • no use of phthalates no use of ITX or benzophenone
  • manufactured in a facility free of FDA allergens or derivatives
  • manufactured from materials not expected to contain genetically modified organism (GMOs).

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