Flint UV Ink Offers Low-Migration Properties

TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN | Flint Group reports the global launch of EkoCure ANCORA, a UV LED-curable, low-migration flexo ink series suitable for food compliant labels and packaging applications. Company says the technologies enable food safe printing with high reliability and productivity due to stable curing at high press speeds and optimized UV LED ink chemistry.

“We have finalized investments in our GMP production capabilities in Sweden and the US and are now globally commercializing the…inks," says Guillaume Clement, global VP for Flint Group Narrow Web. "We also recently completed an intense period of beta tests with selected converters, lamp, and press partners who collaborated with us on this development.”

The company says documented low-migration properties have been achieved at very high print speeds (excess of 150 mpm or 500 fpm); inks are compliant to Nestle Guidance Note, Swiss Ordinance, and FDA regulations; they have been tested using the food simulants of 95% Ethanol, Tenax, and Acetic Acid at 40 deg C for ten days; and they show very good color strength and adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates.

Kelly Kolliopoulos, global marketing director for Flint Group Narrow Web, says, “The innovative journey in developing UV LED curing products that was started four years ago by Flint Group is culminating in a milestone development: low-migration UV LED curable inks. The combination offers all the economic benefits of UV LED curing, including better press uptime and productivity and reduced energy consumption, along with the peace of mind converters are seeking for food-compliant packaging due to the assuredness of cure.”

Inks are available in the full range of Pantone basic colors, four-color process set plus orange, green, and violet for expanded gamut printing, opaque white, and a range of coatings, adhesives, and metallics.

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