SPGPrints Invests in Squeegee Blade Production

BOXMEER, THE NETEHRLANDS | SPGPrints has invested in new squeegee blade production facilities at its Boxmeer plant, reportedly strengthening its commitment to optimizing quality in rotary screen printing. The €450,000 investment features an automated gluing unit that applies the polyurethane strip to the steel blade with repeatable precision and minimal manual intervention. This is said to enable blade production to exacting quality standards, so printers are assured identical printing results when exchanging blades, without the need for calibration.

The new facilities will be responsible for the production of company’s new XTR blades, designed for RotaMesh and RotaPlate screens used in the graphics and security printing. The squeegees’ combination of a stainless steel blade with a PU strip reportedly brings improved durability, stability, and consistent print results.

Available in a choice of Shore hardness values and thicknesses, the XTR range ensures clean print transfers and the optimum combination of rigidity and flexibility whatever the desired printing effect. Company says they also offer strong chemical resistance, making them suitable for all ink sets, and to eliminate errors in mounting and to facilitate re-ordering, the blades are color coded according to application type.

Hank Guitjens, commercial manager label printing, SPGPrints, says, "Squeegee technology is at the heart of rotary screen printing. The quality of squeegee blades has a direct impact on the print image. By investing in the latest technologies we are ideally placed to offer customers the best and most consistent quality."

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