Xode Buys Domino Digital UV Inkjet Press

GURNEE, IL | Xode, Kutztown, PA, a manufacturer of custom labels, has purchased the Domino N610i seven-color digital UV inkjet label press that was shown in the Domino booth at Label Expo. This is the first digital “production” press for Xode, and President Pete Seitzinger and his brother, VP John Seitzinger, are enthusiastic about what this purchase means for their business.

“We are very excited about the Domino N610i and can’t wait to get it into our facility and into production. We have flexo and a small entry level digital printer, one that accommodates printing 2,500 labels or less. Any jobs that require more than 2,500 labels, we put on our flexo. However, not all label jobs are designed for flexo, especially those with multiple SKUs and versions, so we really need the digital capabilities that the Domino will provide” says Pete.

John adds, “For example, we have customers who come to us with jobs that have 200 SKUs, 5,000 labels per SKU, printed CMYK. Plate costs to run those flexo can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the 40-minute make-ready time to changeover from one version to the next, so we knew we needed a true digital production label press to meet our customers’ needs.”

The brothers also realize that by having the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press, it will open capacity on their flexo. “By having the Domino we will be able to do more and in less time. Turnaround time for repeat jobs that were two weeks, as well as new jobs that take us three weeks, all will now be completed in less than one week by having the Domino.”

The Domino N610i seven-color digital UV inkjet label press runs at a minimum 165 fpm, and up to 246 fpm. Print resolution is 600 x 600 native dpi, the extended color gamut achieves over 90% of the Pantone range, and the white that has an opacity over 70%.


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