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ITW Pillar Reports Electrode Retraction Technology

HARTLAND, WI | ITW Pillar Technologies announces the development of HyperSplice, proprietary corona and atmospheric plasma electrode retraction technology designed to avoid splices at production speed.

The electrode technology is said to be capable of interfacing with splice sensors to not only initialize treater electrode retraction but also to return electrodes to their treat position as fast as the splice clears the electrode gap—at production speed. The technology is also said to eliminate waste, downtime, and electrode replacement costs associated with web splice impact, as well as being an available option for all of company’s new corona and atmospheric plasma treaters.

Steve Helker, treatment systems sales manager, says, “Customers had come to us asking for a solution for the high material waste and lost productivity they experience due to treater electrode damage after incidental or excessive splice impact. They specifically wanted to eliminate the lost productivity encountered when reducing line speed in order to clear splices through treaters.

“The new HyperSplice technology is fully scalable automation for new corona and atmospheric plasma treatment systems and is not retrofittable to existing treaters. It is break-through technology designed to retract electrodes to avoid web splices at very high production speeds and capable of returning them to ‘treat’ position in milliseconds.”

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