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Flint Upgrades NitroBase Ink Range

ROGERS, MN | Flint Group Flexible Packaging reports an upgrade in the NC-based concentrate range for high-performance flexo printing. Thomas Strohe, Commercial Product Director Flexible Packaging EMEA, explains “Our new NitroBase WZ65 range has been further developed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for high-speed printing and highest quality in flexo.”

Company says the latest NitroBase WZ65 Concentrates offer the following main characteristics:

  • Maximum color strength and pigmentation to allow the usage of finest anilox roller and for enhanced mileage and productivity.
  • Formulated using ingredients with high migration limits only and therefore recommended for food and pet food packaging applications.
  • Based on specific retardant blend including Ethoxy Propanol to allow dilution press-side by using standard solvent; reduced amount of EtOH (<7%).
  • Optimized solvent release and low in odor.
  • Improved flow properties for easy product handling and optimized ink transfer.
  • Enhanced re-solubility ensuring an excellent ink transfer (avoiding ink clogging on printing plates and dot-bridging).
  • Very stable and homogenous dot gain curve.

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