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EIT Device Measures UV LEDs

STERLING, VA | EIT, supplier of industrial UV measurement devices, has introduced LEDCure, the first product in the LED-R (LED-Radiometer) family of instruments. 

Company says the product is the result of a two-year R&D effort that has resulted in a patent-pending “Total Optical Measured Response” approach, which takes into account all components in the optics stack, not just the filter as other instruments reportedly do. The result is said to be an exceptionally flat, predictable, and repeatable response unit to unit and source to source across the LED spectrum of interest.

The first optics band (L395) developed by company is intended for 395 nm LED sources. The instrument responds to energy in the range of 370–420 nm and has a dynamic range to support LED output up to 40W/cm2.

The LEDCure L395 is available in both Profiler and Non-Profiler versions. The Profiler version comes with an updated version of company’s PowerView II software that works with Windows 7-10. PowerView II allows users to transfer, save, analyze, and export measurement data. PowerView II’s menu-driven graphics capabilities are said to allow fast and easy analysis of multiple sources, including comparisons to historical reference data.

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