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Maxcess Launches Tidland Shaft

CAMAS, WA | Maxcess, a global supplier of products and services for web handling applications, announces the release of the Tidland Cyclone high-speed centering shaft. Said to enable faster production through its ability to center and grip cores concentrically about the shaft and to deliver industry-leading torque capability. 

“The Tidland Cyclone Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the features our customers need most: speed, reliability, ease of use, and timely delivery,” says Kristen McPherson, global product manager for Tidland. “This new high-speed centering shaft dramatically increases throughput by minimizing roll loping and machine vibration. When the shaft runs smoother, it can run much faster and induce less wear and tear on the machine itself.”

With its simple, proven single-circuit air system and bladders that can be replaced in less than 5 min, the Cyclone Series is designed to minimize downtime both during roll changes and scheduled maintenance.

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