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Clondalkin Invests in Embossing System

BURY, GREATER MANCHESTER, UK | Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury has invested in new technology for embossing on aluminium lids. The SMARTembosser, developed by Berhalter, is said to be a unique and innovative embossing system that enhances print quality and increases branding opportunities on foil lids. Clondalkin says it is the only pre-cut lid manufacturer in the UK to have the technology. 

Paul Whelan, technical manager for lids at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, says, "Embossing is a technical requirement on all pre-cut aluminium lids ,and traditionally this is produced with an all-over embossing pattern. Logo-embossing or de-embossing is not new, but until now the only way to create this effect has been through the use of rollers. This is very expensive, which is why we don't see a lot of products in the market with this type of effect.”

He explains that SMARTembossing allows a customer to choose where on the lid they have the embossing, which means they can choose to emboss the rim of the lid only, leaving the rest of the lid smooth and any graphics unaffected. Printing onto a smooth lid means there is no design distortion and enhances print quality.

"Customers can also choose to emboss the entire lid," says Whelan, "but use the new system to “de-emboss” the graphics, giving them greater prominence. This is said to be a particularly effective technique when used for logos or branding.


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